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Electrical Supervisor (ES):

  • BOM - The Electrical Supervisor is responsible for doing an inventory of all equipment designated as part of the generator set to include operating manuals, if any, and Bill of Materials (BOM). If Government-furnished BOM is available obtain from the Corps through issue of a hand receipt detailing all BOM for that generator set, if insufficient or no Government-furnished BOM available, coordinates to order the necessary BOM for that generator installation. Electrical Supervisor will inventory FEMA BOM container with the COE to ensure proper accountability. Nothing will be removed from the FEMA BOM container prior to the inventory being completed.
  • Maintain yard sanitation at all times- ensure yard is free of spills, trash, etc.
  • Direct supervisor of all electrical installation teams. QC does not report to the Electrical Supervisor. Ensure teams have all tools and equipment to accomplish required tasks. ES will ensure all electricians have the proper certs/licenses required for the area work is performed. ES will ensure all electricians, and helpers, are able to perform assigned duties. ES will check all paperwork prior to being submitted to admin staff. Paperwork will be complete, legible, and turned in a timely manner.
  • Yard Supervisor will bring an Installation Order to the Electrical Supervisor when a location has been identified for installation. The Electrical Supervisor will identify the Electrical Installation Team for the installation, ensure they acquire the proper BOM needed for the installation, a camera and Site Condition Report, give them the installation order, and send them to the installation site. ES will check the Installation Order to ensure the BOM listed is correct, prior to Electrical Install Teams securing BOM. Insert required information on the Generator Installation/Deinstallation Log prior to releasing installation order. Lead Electrical will complete the Site Condition Report completely before performing installation, and take the required pictures. Lead Electrical will ensure installation is completed and sign Installation Order in the lower left box. All attempts should be made to contact the site POC and have them sign in the lower left block. Lead Electrical will ensure all information on the Installation Order is correct (location, address, phone number, lat/long coordinates, BOM etc.). All additional comments shall be documented on the back of the Installation Order. Lead Electrical will call the Electrical Supervisor when the installation is complete.


  • Electrical Supervisor will be available 24 hours a day (telephonically) in case of an emergency install. Normally all installations are done during daylight hours, but if a critical install is needed, we will perform. Ensure the highest safety precautions are followed for these installations.
  • Deinstallation – Yard Supervisor will give the Electrical Supervisor a Deinstallation Order to remove a generator from service. The Electrical Supervisor will assign an Electrical Installation Team to the deinstall, fill out Generator Installation/Deinstallation Log, and send Electrical Team out with the Deinstallation order. Ensure all BOM is removed from the installation site and returned to the staging area.
  • ES will do all coordination with the local utilities for installation and deinstallation.
  • Return to Storage (RTS) - Electrical Supervisor will work with the Maintenance Supervisor to accomplish the RTS activities. Maintenance, pressure washing, and load bank testing are the activities that need to be completed for RTS activities. To accomplish these tasks in the most efficient manner, coordination between managers is essential.
  • ES must keep track of used BOM to ensure there is enough on hand for continued operations. Coordinate with SM when additional BOM is required.
  • ES will spot check installations at every opportunity. Each Electrical Installation Team will be assessed on installation procedures and completed installations.
  • ES will assess any and all damages; generator damage during installation or operations, and facility damage. This responsibility will not be delegated at any time. ES will address any additional requirements needed for site installations; ATS, Transformers, etc.



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