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Safety Manager:

  • The Safety Manager reports directly to the site manager. OSHA 30 certified. CPR qualified.
  • Maintain yard sanitation at all times- ensure yard is free of spills, trash, etc.
  • Safety Manager ensures all staging area, and field operations, are executed in the safest manner possible- while adhering to IAP’s Safety and Health Plan, Corps of Engineers Safety and Health Requirements Manual EM 385-1-1, OSHA, local state and Federal safety requirements.
  • Safety Manager will continuously monitor ongoing operations to ensure safe operations. On the spot corrections is the preferred method to make an unsafe condition safe. All deficiencies will be annotated on the Safety Managers Daily Log and turned in to the Site Manager at the completion of each shift.
  • Safety Manager will coordinate field operations assessment trips with the Site Manager. Field operations (generator fueling, installations, de-installations, daily PM’s, services) will be monitored and recorded on the Safety Managers Daily Log.
  • Safety Manager will give daily safety briefings prior to each shift. The IAP form- Daily Safety Meeting Documentation Form will be used to record the daily brief. The completed form will be turned in to the Site Manager. All attendees will sign in on the Daily Safety Meeting sign-in form.
  • Safety Manager will set up Safety Board, eye wash stations, required signage and identify any other potential hazards.


Safety Manager will inspect the following:

On site fueling operations, Fuel storage areas, Refueling operations in the field, Defueling generators in the field, and at the staging area, All fueling personnel for HAZMAT and tanker certifications, All truckers for CDL’s MSDS sheet availability, All tie downs, strapping, Equipment Operators for certifications, Fuel trucks- proper placards, All vehicles/equipment for serviceability, All Fire Extinguishers Proper PPE is used, and serviceable, by personnel at all times, Proper work habits- cable cutting, hand tools, etc., Lifting operations at the staging area and in the field, Spill containment supplies, Hand wash stations, Hard hat area Loading/unloading areas, traffic flow areas, etc., Port-o-lets Water is available on site, at all times, Staff overexposure to the elements, Battery storage areas, First Aid kits Inspect site before move in, Document damage, spills with written and photo proof Road and weather conditions, Daily Safety Brief

Safety Manager will complete the following:

Daily Safety Briefs, Safety Board, Emergency contacts- evacuation plan- maps to hospital, Safety Scoreboard, Accident Reporting- With Site Manager, Staging Area Activity Hazardous Analysis Sheet- site specific, Meet with base/local fire department, safety, and police to review and acquire policies and procedures, Meet with COE Safety, Place all required site signage- hard hat, no smoking, etc.,

Safety Manager enforces:

PPE is worn by all personnel, Smoking area, Refueling area, Loading/unloading area, Traffic and parking areas, Work hours for all personnel, Proper work attire, Proper hydration, protection against the elements (sunburn, frostbite, insect bites, etc.).



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Safety Managers

We are enlisting contractors on a national basis for the coming storm season.

Yard Supervisors

We are enlisting contractors on a national basis for the coming storm season.

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We are enlisting contractors on a national basis for the coming storm season.