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Yard Supervisor (YS):

  • Responsible for activities on the staging area, yard cleanliness, PPE and ensuring safety is top priority at all times. Maintain yard sanitation at all times- ensure yard is free of spills, trash, etc.
  • Sets up the Staging Area: Office trailer, prep-yard, fuel point, generator load/unload area, service area, bone yard, parking, traffic flow, arranging generators by KW when unloaded and the designated hard hat area.
  • YS oversees operations, and accountability, of Equipment Operators, Rollback drivers and assigned work. YS will assign work to the Equipment Operators and Rollback Drivers. YS will coordinate transportation for the Equipment Operators and Rollback Drivers; to and from the hotel and meals.
  • Work hand in hand with COE ‘Loggy’ to ensure correct gens are being sent to the right location. Constant communication and a strong working relationship with the Loggy are essential to mission flow.
  • Maintain Generator Inventory Sheet to ensure IAP, and the COE, knows what is FMC and available- at all times. Inventory will be done every morning to ensure all generators are accounted for and none have ‘walked away’ during the night. YS must know, at any given time, the status of every generator assigned to the mission.


  • YS will monitor generators in the Bone Yard to ensure generators are not sitting without being repaired.
  • Installation: Yard Supervisor will receive two (2) copies of the Power Installation Order, along with the tracker assigned to the generator, from the lead admin. Annotate required information on the Yard Supervisor Installation/Deinstallation Log. One copy will be given to the Electrical Supervisor- to coordinate the Electrical Team, and required BOM, for the installation. Coordinate with COE Loggy to ensure the correct gen is going out. Select the Rollback and have the generator loaded onto the rollback and secured for transport. Once it has been determined that the correct gen is going to the correct location, secure the tracker to the generator. Ensure tracker number is on the installation order. YS will call the site POC to ensure generator is still required, prior to generator departing the staging area. Loggy and Yard Supervisor will sign lower left block transferring ownership to IAP for delivery. Have truck driver fill out center block prior to departure. YS will maintain cell phone communication with the drivers. The mileage block will be filled in upon arrival to installation site.
  • Coordinate with Mechanical Supervisor and Fuel Manager to ensure all parties are aware of the new installation. Report any delays to the Site Manager.
  • YS will receive deinstalled generators at the gate, with the Loggy, prior to the generator being offloaded. No generator will be returned to the yard without the YS receiving it. Any and all damage will be noted at this time. GPS tracker will be removed at this time and returned to the Lead Admin, along with the deinstallation order.
  • YS will secure the site at the completion of the shift, ensuring all staff have returned, equipment is secured, and yard is clean.



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Safety Managers

We are enlisting contractors on a national basis for the coming storm season.

Yard Supervisors

We are enlisting contractors on a national basis for the coming storm season.

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We are enlisting contractors on a national basis for the coming storm season.