Lai Wong


Every new employee wants to make a good impression. And it’s fair to say that Lai Wong certainly did that when she became part of the BPS World family.

Her ability and drive immediately stood out while her results spoke volumes.

So it became clear that she’d need to be given plenty of opportunities for growth to satisfy that ongoing hunger.

The answer? We sent Lai to Singapore!

Here’s her journey to the other side of the world.

This is her story.

When did you join BPS?

I joined the company in July 2015.

What was your initial role?

Recruitment Consultant.

What’s your role now?

I’m now a Senior Consultant/Account Manager.

How did you find out about BPS?

I was referred to BPS by a former employee who I’d previously worked with.

What attracted you to BPS World and recruitment?

The people first culture and the good reference I’d received.

Use three words to describe your personality

Stubborn, persistent, adventurous.

Describe a typical day in your role

Like many others at BPS, a typical day is never the same!

I tend to make a to-do list the night before, so I come in prepared for the next day.

I start my day by going through my emails to action anything urgent from the UK the night before. Then I break my day up into regions, starting with Australia, checking in with HR/HMs and calling candidates regarding roles I may be working on.

Then I’ll move on to Asia, India and the Middle East followed by the UK.

My days are full. I’ll be attending meetings face-to-face or via Skype for Business, arranging interviews with the hiring manager and candidates, reviewing CVs, taking job briefs and catching up with hiring managers for interview feedback or role updates.

All of that takes place alongside supporting the recruitment rollout in APAC.

What’s been your biggest career accomplishment?

There’s been a few recent achievements I’m really proud of. Hitting just shy of £150k last year whilst taking on additional Account Manager responsibilities was one of them.

Winning the Values Award for Delivery in my first year after joining was also special, alongside my awesome Rockstar award last year.

What’s been your biggest personal accomplishment?

Buying my flat in 2015 was a big milestone.

What’s been the biggest professional challenge you’ve faced?

Relocating to Singapore, a country I’d never been to before and where I didn’t know anyone, has been a huge challenge.

Having travelled over I then had to introduce and implement our recruitment process to a new client.

What or who has been the biggest inspiration in your career?

Success and making money has always been one of my key motivators, driven by my determination to succeed in every task I’m given.

I love to meet new people and interact with them. I’m constantly being inspired by the people around me, whether it be my colleagues, peers or clients.

What do you like most about your role?

The daily interaction with people and the diversity I encounter. Travelling and the BPS World family are hugely important to me.

Why did travel and the international opportunity that brought excite you?The opportunity to see the world while learning about cultures and languages was something I couldn’t turn down. Each country has its own rules and own way of working so it’s a great chance to broaden my perspective and gain new inspiration to bring back to the business.

What tips would you give to someone relocating aboard to work?

Go with an open mind and get involved (e.g. attend meet-up groups, networking/social events etc.) Make as many friends as possible, understand the culture, live like a local and be grateful for the opportunity. Oh, and get medical insurance.

What’s next on your career bucket list/what’s getting you fired up every morning?

Right now it’s getting BPS World set-up in Singapore and seeing where that takes us in APAC.

What’s been your best night out at BPS?

That’d have to be the Christmas Party in 2016.

If you had to give one piece of career advice to others…

Don’t settle for a job you’re not passionate about. You chose your career path, not others. Take the risk.




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