Affinity Water

Utility giant navigates the treacherous waters of TUPE and plugs the skills gaps

Key Achievements

Our technical skill and expertise helped Affinity achieve clarity on its organisational structure, manage complex processes without impinging on the businesses’ goals and reduce the time to bring in suitable talent.

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Successful management of the TUPE process.

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Assessment and selection of key project personnel.

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Implementation of enhanced recruitment processes.

The Problem

1. Affinity required rapid mobilisation of teams for a number of projects, meaning they had to hire the right people quickly in order to successfully deliver.

2. The business needed to refine their contractor operations and move towards a TUPE process without interrupting their day-to-day operations.

3. In response to upcoming deregulation, Affinity needed to have an engaging employer brand and attraction process.

4. There was a requirement to reduce operating costs to ensure the future deregulated wholesale business was competitive.

The Solution

1. We undertook a detailed review of Affinity’s organisational design and established clear definitions for each role.

2. We conducted an independent salary benchmarking exercise to identify if pay and packages were competitive.

3. We appointed an independent contractor to ensure the TUPE process could commence without having an impact on operations. To achieve this our separation strategy independently defined roles within the TUPE process to ensure Affinity’s recruitment requirements didn't compromise each other.

4. We created a suite of materials to enhance their employer brand, ranging from job board advertising to an industry-first digital job advert video centred on the benefits of working for Affinity.

The creation of an entirely new PMO function, including the Head of PMO, Risk Management Leads and Primavera Planners.

Successful screening, selection and subsequent appointments exceeding 70 hires.

100% satisfaction ratings for flexibility, service and communication.

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