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Key Achievements

Our skill and desire to go the extra mile has made it happen.

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Expert resourcing of niche talent.

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Negotiation of complex local and international logistical issues.

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High-quality delivery of successful candidates.

The Problem

1. Infosys needed to find a contractor capable of handling a niche functionality of SAP. However, it was proving difficult to source a local candidate with both the necessary technical expertise and immediate availability.

2. Infosys had to deliver an FSCM (Financial Supply Chain Management) solution to their project in Jakarta. However, this technology had not been implemented in this location before.

3. Infosys were struggling to remotely make technical changes to an existing SAP warehouse management system in Shanghai. The development team was based in India and the head office in Jakarta meaning there were language and cultural issues alongside logistical ones.

The Solution

1. We utilised our network of connections to locate a contractor capable of delivering the project. Not only did we source the individual required, we went above and beyond. Our World Solutions team managed the visa application, we flew the candidate to Jakarta, arranged accommodation and ensured one of our contractors met him at the airport.

2. We hired a FSCM consultant trainer from South Africa and a technical translator. Over a period of six weeks the FSCM consultant instructed the team on how to configure the system and provided video call support thereafter. This significantly reduced the cost to our client as it meant they didn’t need to hire a consultant for SAP Australia until eight months later.

3. We recruited a local developer in Shanghai and a Mandarin speaking developer in Jakarta. The necessary technical changes were made and integration/governance compliance was managed at the competency centre in Jakarta.

Placements made for a number of hard-to-fill positions.

Time to hire and cost to hire significantly reduced owing to our network and expertise.

Additional relocation support, including visa management, flights and accommodation arranged for clients and candidates.

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