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Engineering giant reduces contractor time to hire by 17 days

Key Achievements

Since the start of our partnership in 2013, exceptional delivery has been the key outcome of working with M+W

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Successfully grew the company's nuclear division from four people to 80 employees.

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Redefined M+W’s resourcing and recruitment processes. Our Business Intelligence suite now tracks and reports on the whole hiring process and time to hire.

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Handling of all aspects of compliance to meet legal requirements.

The Problem

1. M+W had an in-house recruitment resource to manage the whole hiring process. But to keep on top of demand they were using in excess of 80 agencies who provided an inefficient service and inconsistent quality of candidate.

2. Given the varied nature of M+W’s business there was a constant demand for contractors. This brought about its own challenges concerning contractor management and compliance.

3. M+W needed a solution to streamline their processes so that they could meet project demands, attract the best talent and further grow the business.

The Solution

1. One of the key outcomes of this project has been to centralise M+W’s talent management process. That meant taking complete ownership of their supply chain, with each agency signing up to our charter which detailed service level agreements and ensured consistency in selection.

2. Our recruitment team used their skill and expertise to ensure supply was always met in a world of rapidly changing resourcing requests.

3. An in-house team and an online contractor management portal resolved all queries while our World Solutions team offered workforce management across the globe, as well as the UK.

4. We worked with M+W’s HR team to add value to their people strategy by making their onboarding and induction processes slicker.

Time to hire reduced to 17 days from 35 days for contract personnel

Over 950 job offers spread across UK and EMEA projects, over 290 offers of employment in 2017 alone.

100% compliance on engagement for UK-based contract employees.

Appointments made in the UK, Israel, France, Denmark, Finland, Iceland and the Republic of Ireland.

In the first three years of the agreement, BPS saved M+W over £831,000.

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