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Questions and answers

Who is BPS World?

We’re a global recruitment partner, providing HR and senior leaders with a competitive advantage in the ability to attract, recruit and retain the right people. Our unique, problem-solving approach creates cost and time efficiencies at scale.

How are you different to an agency?

We’re interested in doing ‘good work’ with long-term partners. We’re not here to simply fill roles. We seek to enter trusted relationships where we can add strategic value that directly affects the bottom line.

What’s your process?

We start with a recruitment problem, then put our best minds to work on the areas most likely to impact upon your recruitment lifecycle.

This collaborative approach has won us many friends – and customers – and resulted in us forming deep and meaningful partnerships with those we serve. More on this below.

What services do you provide?

We’ve broken down our solution offering into these clearly defined areas:

- Recruitment. Find the people you need, keep projects on track and stay compliant. Over the last 20 years we’ve designed, built and delivered talent and compliance functions across the world. However, no two projects are alike to us. We create long-term strategic partnerships by blending our services around your unique objectives.

- Labs. BPS Labs are collaborative workshops to identify recruitment problems, explore creative ideas and forge the future. You leave with value, answers and a clear roadmap for future success. We often start each relationship with a Lab, so that we can really get under the skin of your business and offer up-front solutions to pressing challenges.

- Brand. Our in-house creative studio work with you to become an employer of choice. We enhance your recruitment marketing and the candidate journey to ensure you offer a brilliant experience at every interaction.

How much do your services cost?

Costs will vary according to the volume, vacancies and level of recruitment or consultancy activity required.

These will be clearly communicated at the Agreement stage, including any additional information regarding payment terms.

What are your areas of expertise?

These are our most impactful specialisms:

  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)
  • Permanent Recruitment
  • Contract Recruitment
  • Project Recruitment
  • On-Site/Remote Recruitment
  • Managed Service Provider
  • Executive Search
  • Recruitment Consultancy
  • Global Payroll - Candidate Background Checking
  • Independent Contractor Compliance Audit (ICCA)
  • Talent Pipelining
  • Talent Audit & Assessment
  • Leadership Development
  • Technology
  • Relocation Support
  • Market Mapping & Benchmarking
  • Compensation & Evaluation
  • Employer Branding
  • Careers Sites
  • Attraction Campaigns
  • Attraction Videos

Where are you based?

We have several primary global offices across three regions.

You’ll find us in:

  • Maidenhead, UK (Global HQ)
  • Warrington, UK
  • Belgrade, Serbia
  • Boca Raton, US
  • Singapore
  • Manila, Philippines
  • China

What are your credentials?

We’ve carried out work in over 80 countries across multiple sectors. Our principal clients have been in the Engineering, Technology and Business & Professional fields although that only begins to scratch the surface.

Head to our Industries page to find out more where we operate and Jobs for a more in-depth look at some of our partnerships.

I’d love to work for BPS. Where do I sign-up?

Determined, ambitious and eager to be more? You’ll fit right in. Check out our live Vacancies.

Do you take on apprentices?

Yep! Our founding principle is ‘people can be more’ and we love hiring raw talent.

Find out more about our award-winning apprenticeship scheme and Rising Stars programme here.

We regularly hold Apprenticeship Recruitment Days and we’re proud to say we’ve countless examples of apprentices who’s risen though the ranks and thrived as people since joining us.

How can I contact you?

Our main contact email address is info@bps-world.com while our global HQ’s switchboard number is +44 (0)1628 857 353. 

However, you’ll find a full list of regional contact information on our Contact page.

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