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Labs Live: Agile 2 - This time it's Rituals
We partnered up again with PTHR to take you on an Agile journey. This was our 2nd Labs Live event focusing on Agile. In this exclusive 2-hour collaborative session for HR Leaders, our expert team took a deep dive into Agile Rituals and Ceremonies building on a foundation level understanding of Agile Principles.

It was an immersive and collaborative workshop where we took a common scenario and worked through how to use Rituals and Ceremonies to deliver the project!

We guaranteed attendees they'd leave with practical examples and understanding of how to use Rituals and Ceremonies in their Agile Projects, resulting in more inventive, iterative, and inclusive ways to solve problems and deliver projects.

You didn't need to have attended the first Labs Live: Agile to join but you did need a foundation level understanding of Agile Principles. Check out Labs Live: Agile 2 - The Results below. 


When was it?

THURSDAY 29 JULY / 1pm - 3pm BST

Who was it for?

HR leaders who...

  • Have a foundation level understanding of Agile Principles (Roles, Kick-off, Roadmap).
  • Are eager to take a deep dive into Rituals and Ceremonies.


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What is
Labs Live?

Goodbye webinars, hello live events…

Forget stuffy webinars. We’ve moved into the world of immersive live events.

Labs Live invites full audience participation and delivers actionable insight and practical outcomes that HR leaders and their teams can take back into their businesses.

We invite selected HR leaders to take part in a 2-3 hour live event where you have the time and space to focus on a pressing people challenge.

Facilitated by our talent experts and invited guests, we take a topic and work with the HR community to produce actionable insight and solutions.

This is then fed back in the form of The Results, your living, breathing action plan. 

Who are you?

We’re BPS World, a global recruitment partner. Labs Live is an online extension of our BPS Labs offering.

At our heart we’re HR problem solvers. We specialise in providing up-front, objective insight into how HR leaders can tackle their biggest people challenges.

The Hypothesis (what will we cover?)

Creating an on-demand talent strategy, re-engaging your returning workforce, retaining talent in a time of uncertainty, creating a culture of empowerment. 

These are some of the most talked-about subjects.

But we want YOU to shape the agenda and tell us what really matters to your business right now.

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The Method (what should I expect?)

We believe the magic happens when people come together to share knowledge, ideas and learn from one another.

Work within a small group to whiteboard, sticky note and jot down your solutions.

Simply bring your buzz and come prepared with ideas.

The Results (living answers)

We believe in capturing the moment and sharing The Results of our sessions far and wide.

Which is why we create accessible content that attendees, their colleagues and other HR leaders can benefit from.

Each Results doc will feature an in-depth summary of the session, shared materials and actionable solutions. 

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Labs Live: Agile 2 - The Results

Check out The Results to Labs Live: Agile 2 - This time it's Rituals.

This was our second adventure into Agile alongside selected HR leaders.

Facilitated by our expert, PTHR's Perry Timms, we learnt how to apply Rituals and Ceremonies to complete Agile HR projects. 

Get The Results (no form to fill in!) and learn more about Rituals and Ceremonies and the role they play in ensuring more inventive, inclusive and iterative ways to complete projects.  


What's in it for you?

Our founding purpose is 'people can be more'. HR is at the heart of its people being more and we're passionate about fuelling the ideas that'll help fulfil this mission.

All we ask of you is your engagement.

By sharing in our journey and offering up some of your precious time you can help lead the way in the HR space. And create happier and more productive workplaces.

- Connect with great minds and make a difference.
- Be the authority on the most pressing HR challenges.
- Get free content to grow your personal brand.
- Opportunities to speak in front of eager audiences.
- The chance to give something back to the community.


Join us and contribute to the solution.


I really enjoyed this interactive 'live', albeit remote, session which gave very useful insight into the practicalities and application of Agile. It was fun, inspiring, innovative, very well put together and great to meet, share and develop ideas with everyone. I look forward to the next one!

- HR Director


What's in it for us?

We'd be lying if we said we did not want the opportunity to become your long-term recruitment partner. 

But right now we're happy with a seat at the table and the chance to form deep relationships with a forward-thinking HR community.

As the representative of its people, we know every HR team wants its organisation to ‘be more’ and ‘do more’ good for the customers and communities it serves. Let's be more together. 

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