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protect - Our World Solutions Team 


Organisations that trade across the globe require specialist services to allow them to be truly international.

World Solutions can assist an emerging or established global organisation in three vital areas: payroll, candidate validation and mobility.

Our suite of professional services can be tailored to your organisations complex requirements and what you need to grow.


International Payroll

Are you expanding into a new region or do you have a need to send contractors overseas for delivery of a project? World Solutions in-house specialists provide a compliant and efficient solution.


Candidate Verification

World Solutions deliver a comprehensive candidate qualification service, providing you with the reassurance and confidence that the talent you hire are qualified for the job.

APPROACH_Global mobility_1.jpg

Global Mobility

The movement of valued employees or key contracted staff can seem simple from the outset but can quickly become far more complex.

APPROACH_Project Services_1.jpg

Bespoke Project Services

If your project requires multiple services or something completely different, World Solutions can provide a full consultation and delivery to help you achieve you goal.

Contractor Audit.jpg

Contractor Compliance Audit

Our contractor compliance audit will review your contractor operations and ensure they are fit to work.

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