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Our Sectors


Our team works with a wide range of roles that provide the backbone to many organisations. These roles add the safety valve, the spark of creativity and the forward planning that helps organisations thrive.

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Kevin Green joins BPS World as non-executive director

We’re delighted to announce that Kevin Green, the departing CEO of the Recruitment and Employment ...

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planet talent

To dominate Planet Talent and win the global recruitment race, we have compiled 10 top tips.

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Complex, technical and hard to find is often a description used by our clients on a search for the best in the world of engineering. Our proven track record underpinned by our network allows us to deliver solutions by finding exceptional candidates.

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How to successfully manage a construction project

The construction sector is such an interesting area to work in; the outputs can be seen all around ...

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Total Immersion

In the race for a winning new employer brand, are your HR and Marketing goals aligned as one?

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Our society is technology led, with innovations transforming our everyday lives and pivotal to the global economy. This technically complex sector needs a unique approach to deal with specific areas of the market.

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Staying connected in a global market

Good recruitment relies on staying connected. Working at BPS World has given me the opportunity to ...

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From Bitcoin to Blockchain to FinTech

Blockchain is the underpinning backbone of Bitcoin. It is a distributed ledger storing all the transactional information of every Bitcoin transaction.

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