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What must HR Leaders prioritise in the year ahead?

We’ve pulled together heavyweights from the HR community and beyond to offer their expert opinion and predictions into key areas and trends. Our easy to digest mini-guides will ensure you hone in on the areas that matter most to you and your business. 

2021 HR Blueprint: Technology

The impact of new and emerging technologies on HR is likely to be profound. It's crucial to have a good understanding of the technologies set to shake things up. We'll help you assess whether your current tech stack is up to scratch and will highlight the technologies you need to look out for in 2021. 

Get up to speed with emerging technologies.


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2021 HR Blueprint: Hiring and Talent

Hiring and talent may have taken a back seat for some businesses over the last 12 months, but what does 2021 hold? Our experts believe it's time for hiring professionals to step up and re-invent themselves to meet a very different set of demands. We'll show you where your talent team should focus in order to secure the best talent for your business. 

Revamp your hiring strategy in 2021.


2021 HR Blueprint - Learning and Development

With widespread budget cuts, how do traditional L&D teams reinvent themselves? If your L&D team is viewed as a cost centre rather than a strategic asset, it's time for a rethink. We'll highlight the opportunities for L&D to add strategic value to their organisation through leadership development programs, and upskilling and reskilling the workforce.  

Make L&D a strategic asset.

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Mental health and wellbeing - HR Blueprint

2021 HR Blueprint - Mental Health and Wellbeing

It's been a tough time for HR, who have been carrying the weight of responsibility for others. We are witnessing a rise in depression, anxiety, social isolation; disconnection and burnout. Now more than ever before, it's time to make employee mental health and wellbeing a priority. 

Prioritise mental health and wellbeing in 2021.

2021 HR Blueprint - Employer Brand and Company Culture

Employer brand and company culture is often considered the DNA of a business. With remote working the norm, businesses need to be creative in showcasing the human side of their business. We'll offer you a glimpse of the future of company culture and will show you how you can ensure you attract and retain talent moving forward.

Here's where to focus your brand and culture initiatives.

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2021 HR Blueprint - Diversity, Equity and Racial Inequality

In 2021, it will be the progressive companies who are making racial inequality a social mission rather than a project, product or service mission. The world is changing and there’s an opportunity and a need for HR to take a lead. It’s more than a traditional change project, it goes deeper than that. We'll show you how you can evoke change in your organization that society isn’t ready to address yet.

Learn how to take the lead in tackling racial inequality.

2021 HR Blueprint - More Expert Opinion

It's time to build on the momentum gained over recent months, and for HR to seize the opportunity to take the lead in driving efficient, more human-centric workplaces.

What else should HR leaders prioritize to ensure they remain at the forefront of change?

Help shape the future in 2021.


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It's time for HR to be bold

Covid-19 hasn't caused the evolution of HR, it's simply accelerated the process.
It's time to break boundaries, to tackle longstanding beliefs, and ultimately, to re-imagine the future of HR.  

Feeling inspired, but not sure where to focus your energy in 2021? Our Blueprint has you covered.
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