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Once upon a time...

This is how the story typically goes:

You were struggling to align on your company purpose. 

You were tearing your hair out dealing with ineffective and inefficient recruitment processes. 

You were worried that you weren't set-up for success.

You needed help to attract, recruit and retain the right people. 

And then you came to our Lab. And found the answers you were looking for. 

The End. 

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BPS Labs?

You might not be sure where to begin.

But once you get talking, the ideas will start to flow and the solutions will become clear. 

BPS Labs are collaborative sessions, completely tailored to your organisation and designed to help YOU articulate the key issues you're facing. 

Alongside our impartial team of experts, you'll finally have the time and space to hone in on your biggest people challenge. 

Getting busy execs in a room (even a virtual one) can sound like an insurmountable challenge. "Why would we give up our precious time for this?"

We promise you it'll be worth it. 

How Can We Help?

Our Labs focus on the four areas that are most likely to hinder your ability to attract, recruit and retain the right people.
Each Lab is designed to hone in on specific problems and produce real outcomes.

“I don’t know how we’re going to attract the great candidates this company needs.”


“We’re missing out on opportunities and consistently struggling to fill vacancies.”


“Visible and silent compliance risks are keeping me awake at night.”


“I fear for the company’s long-term success if we don’t have the right people in the right seats.”

Your Labs Stories


“The Labs workshop really helped us to ‘unfreeze’ our current thinking. The session created the momentum and energy required to think more creatively about our values and purpose. The BPS team drove the creative process and the Lab was well worth the time spent.”

- Rutger Helbing, CEO @ Devro

“From the first contact I had with BPS, I knew this was a great opportunity. The Lab has really helped myself and team re-look at certain areas of our strategy and given us confidence in others. I highly recommend to any HR leader wanting to get a fresh perspective on their plans.”

- Louise Clough, Director of People @ Learning Curve Group

“It’s been really refreshing to have a session like this with a recruitment partner.”

- Ian Green, Managing Director @ Progress Workforce Development

“Wow. BPS really hit the nail on the head and the creative and messaging produced felt like us, not you. Our people will buy into this and feel the passion.”

- Head of Flight Operations @ Leading European low-cost airline

What to expect

The best ideas are formed in relaxed surroundings with trusted partners. People Labs aren’t stuffy boardroom meetings. They’re fresh, fun and engaging. After meeting with us, we guarantee you’ll leave with:

  • Creative recruitment marketing ideas
  • An understanding of how you stack up against your competitors.
  • The knowledge needed to move forward as an employer of choice.
  • The confidence that you have the tools in place to alleviate risk.
  • A robust strategy for growth.

You’re probably wondering what’s in it for us?

We’d be lying if we didn’t tell you that our hope is to become your long-term, strategic recruitment partner.

But we’re also comfortable with you walking away as a life-long friend. There’s no obligation here, just the opportunity to get to know each other.

All we ask from you is your full commitment. For this to work effectively, we need you to highlight a problem you are facing and commit to 2-3 hours with our experts. 

An Intro to Labs

Find out more about our Labs and what to expect. 

The process:

  • Step 1: An initial call to outline your challenge.
  • Step 2: We get creative and create a structure for our session.
  • Step 3: We invite you to our Lab to collaborate.
  • Step 4: We Playback the results of our session and provide you with a roadmap for success.

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