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Compliance Management

Our contract recruitment solution can include full management of compliance processes and procedures. This includes Right to Work documentation, payroll, relocation assistance and disguised employment. We consider all the nuances and provide capability where it doesn’t exist and assurance when you need it.


International Payroll and Accountancy

Receive advice on local tax and employment regulations prior to placements. This mitigates any regulatory and operational risks. We provide an adaptable solution suited to any size of payroll and for workers operating at any level of your organisation. Conducting this process in-house can be inefficient and prove costly. Utilising our database of third-party suppliers ensures costs are kept highly competitive.


Visa Support Services

Get the guidance and support you need on the movement of contingent workers worldwide. This includes consultation on work permit requirements. And assistance from application specialists, thereby maximising your success rate. We operate on behalf of clients and applicants. What we do mitigates any time and cost burden associated with mobilising and deploying contingent workers across the globe.


Enhanced Candidate Qualification

The enhanced candidate vetting service can be used to gain a deeper understanding of candidates or assist with shortlisting. This check may also be a legal requirement depending on the sector you operate in. ECQ provides local and international deep-dive compliance checks, due diligence and reduces the time and cost of performing these checks internally.


Independent Contractor Compliance Audit

The Independent Contractor Compliance Audit (ICCA) is designed to give an in-depth view of the contingent workforce and health check internal processes. Our report enables businesses to identify risk areas which require expert attention. Each location has its own nuances, customs, practices, and legislative requirements. We work with partners to implement risk management processes and safeguard operations across multiple regions.

Benefits To You


Management of country-by-country rules and regulations.


Cost and time efficiencies achieved by dealing with a sole vendor.


De-risked legislative, regulatory and financial compliance.

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How To Manage Risk In Your Contingent Workforce

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