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Managed Operations

Managed Operations enables you to hire offshore professionals while reducing staffing and equipment overheads. We manage recruitment, equipment setup, payroll, HR support, and compliance with local laws and regulations. Allowing you to focus on achieving business outcomes.


Gain Access To A Wider Talent Pool

Benefit from specialist skills that may not be available locally. Typical roles hired include business support for administrative tasks, marketers, technology and programming professionals, and specialised talent for niche roles across construction, engineering and healthcare.


Enhanced Savings And Transparent Costs

Get access to highly-skilled employees at lower costs. Managed Operations features one-off recruitment fees and transparent monthly costs that enable you to budget with ease while we support you in-country.


We’ll Supply The Tools To Do The Job

We conduct full background checks on all new hires before supplying the hardware and software they need as standard. Packages can be further customised to meet your specifications while our team will also ensure the maximum security protection is installed and take care of ongoing IT support.


Enjoy Dedicated Account Support

Once we’ve taken a full job briefing, we manage the end-to-end process, from sourcing, to interviewing and onboarding. Each Managed Operations assignment includes a dedicated Account Manager. They meet daily to ensure progress towards key objectives, provide support with professional development, and resolve any day-to-day issues.

Benefits To You


Reduced recruitment and IT costs alongside access to talent that isn't available locally.


Always-on’ support that will work to your time zone requirements


Fully managed service. We take care of local labour laws and compliance.

How To Manage Risk In Your Contingent Workforce

Seize upon opportunities. Identify threats. Mitigate against risk.


Get the guide to protecting your business.

  • Learn more about the benefits of the contingent workforce.
  • Uncover the common pitfalls associated with managing contingent talent.
  • Be informed about the potential risks.
  • Discover how a single vendor can help you mitigate risk more time and cost effectively.

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