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Statement of Work (SoW)

Our Statement of Work (SoW) service provides accuracy, transparency, and peace of mind around your contingent recruitment. We’ll help you define your desired outcomes and achieve clarity on what, when and how your requirements will be delivered.


Achieve Clearly Defined Outcomes

A Statement of Work is a legal framework which contains accurate and detailed plans that lead to defined outcomes. It’s a binding agreement that will state the work to be carried out, how it will be done, where it will be done, project timescales and payment terms. We’ll write the agreement with you and ensure your key goals are captured and actioned.


A Scalable Solution

The SoW solution isn’t restricted to high-volume requirements. The work undertaken by a single consultant can be defined by the terms set out in a Statement of Work. Ultimately, a similar methodology will be followed whereby the purpose of the project, location, project length, expected outcomes and performance are all closely measured against the agreement.


Get Greater Transparency On Costs

A SoW is a useful tool for creating cost efficiencies. Because the SoW is typically managed through a VMS/technology platform, you’ll have access to information that displays costs against budgets. This reduces the risk of overspend while also providing assurances around budgeting and planning, as well as the flexibility to allocate costs through preferred budget channels.


Enhanced Performance Measurement

The outcome-focussed nature of a Statement of Work lends itself to enhanced accountability and performance. We take ownership of each deliverable and manage suppliers, including any associated risks. This includes monitoring pinch points while implementing any necessary corrective actions to keep your project on track.

Benefits To You


Accurate and detailed project plans that clearly outline the scope of work.


Enhanced transparency and visibility amongst your key stakeholders.


An outcomes-based approach that reduces unpredictability.

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